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What is the MPTF?

The fund provides for Live Music Performances which are Free to the general public. It operates on a co-sponsorship basis between a co-sponsor and a Local Office of the American Federation of Musicians. The rate of funding is based on an individual Local's Tariff of Fees.

What kinds of performances are funded by the MPTF?

Any and all manner of musical styles and groups are eligible provided the venue is FREE and OPEN to the public in general. No commercial ties, special interest fund raisers, or alcohol sales may be connected with the performance venue.

Types of performances include Park Concerts, In-School time ECreditUniontional Concerts, Mall Concerts, Seniors' Residences, College Noon-Hour Programs, Special Day Public Events, etc.

How to use the MPTF

  1. Call or visit the co-sponsor (e.g. school, festival, institution, corporation etc.). Many prospective cosponsors have already used the MPTF for musical performances and are familiar with the process. Arrange for the performance and discuss the budget with the co-sponsor. Scale for Class A applies. Download the Tariff of Fees
  2. Gather the following information and present it to the Local office. The office will attempt to determine if all funding criteria are met.
    Job proposals must be submitted to the Local A.F.of M. office 45 days prior to the event.
    The proposal should contain the following information:
    • the time and place of the event
    • the co-sponsor's name, address, and phone number
    • the amount of co-sponsorship money available (at least 50% of Local Scale is needed)
    • the musical group's leader's name, address, phone, and AFM membership status
    • the number of musicians involved, including the leader (all AFM members in good standing)
  3. The Local Office contacts the co-sponsor to verify the engagement and remit an invoice for the co-funding. (prior co-funding may accompany the initial proposal)
  4. The proposal is submitted to the M.P.T.F. office in New York for final approval.
  5. When approval is received, the leader is sent a payroll sheet to be completed by the musicians at the engagement.
  6. After the engagement, return the payroll sheet to the Local Office for remission to New York. The musicians will receive cheques individually from New York for the amount of applicable scale minus 5% work dues.

Credit must be visibly displayed or orally given to the Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Fund and The American Federation of Musicians' Local in which the performance takes place. The A.F.of M. is the official administrator of the fund as per the AFM and Recording Industries Labour Agreement.

The following credit line must be used in all printed material, news media releases and be announced by the leader at least once during the performance:

This program is made possible by a grant from the Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Funds, which is funded by the recording industry. It has been arranged by Local 149 of the American Federation of Musicians.




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